Cours d'anglais pendant les vacances scolaires

une activité proposée par Lingualink

De 13 à 17 ans

Toute l'année
à Denbighshire, North Wales, Royaume-Uni

Catégorie: Formation

WHEN: School Holidays (Summer, Autumn, Spring)
DURATION: Minimum 2 weeks
WHO: Between 13-17 years old

A normal day would involve...

Classroom English in the mornings.
Project work or trips to different places in the afternoons.
Evenings are spent together either doing further activites or sitting chilling and playing games alltogther.

Sometimes in the second week trips are made to Cambridge, Winchester and/or London.

Site Web:
E-mail: (organisateur)
Téléphone: 0044 (0)1 74 53 51 168 (organisateur)

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